Jennifer Young Oncology Treatments 



Defiant Beauty by Jennifer Young is a speciality skin care range for cancer patients. It has been developed by experts, cancer survivors, cancer patients and medical staff with the very special skin care requirements of those going through treatment for cancer in mind. Following cancer treatment, regular skin care products can irritate the skin, and in some cases make skin symptoms from the cancer treatment much worse. It’s therefore important to select the right product for any skin treatment.


Regular skin care and beauty products may include alcohol and perfumes which can irritate the skin further. Specially formulated skin care products will not use such ingredients that can irritate, but are specially formulated to soothe sore, dry, itchy and sensitive skin. Defiant Beauty products contain very few ingredients and, except in two cases, are fragrance-free.

Jennifer Young Balanced Body & Mind25 minutes                                                    £30.00

                                                       55 minutes                                                    £58.00


A bespoke massage carefully adapted by a specialist therapist to suit individual needs. The experience starts with identifying the chakra to be balanced during this soothing full body treatment. Using 100% natural and organic oils blended for their affinity with the chakra energy centres this treatment is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. 



Jennifer Young Glowing Facial 25 minutes                                                               £30.00

                                             55 minutes                                                               £58.00


As with all of the Jennifer Young treatments, this relaxing facial is blissfully adapted to bring the glow of health and harmony to even the most sensitive skin. Soothing massage techniques help you to drift to a place of rest and relaxation, leaving your skin with a glowing radiance. Your specialist therapist extends the treatment to include the scalp making the experience even more indulgent.




Jennifer Young Indulgent Massage  - 25 minutes                                                          £30.00

                                                  55 minutes                                                          £58.00


A bespoke massage carefully adapted by your specialist therapist to suit each individual’s needs. Using 100% natural and organic oils, this treatment is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. Let the power of touch bring harmony and well-being. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed. The experience is extended to include the scalp ensuring that your message is pure indulgence. 

Jennifer Young Top To Toe  - 80 minutes                                                                     £75.00

This top to toe experience includes a gentle full body massage followed by a deeply relaxing facial. It will benefit even the most sensitive skin. Your specialist therapist uses 100% natural and organic products, extending the experience to include the scalp. 





Jennifer Young Nail Care 




Jennifer Young Special Manicure  - 30 minutes                                                            £20.00

                                                60 minutes                                                            £30.00


Luxurious peach kernel oil and macadamia oil combine with the specialist knowledge of your therapist to give a healing and relaxing manicure. This treatment is designed for damaged nails and sensitive skin. Your specialist therapist will bring your nails back to a new level. This nourishing and moisturising manicure is finished with an application of your favourite colour. You will be given expert advice on how to improve the condition of your nails. 




Jennifer Young Nail Beautiful Pedicure  - 30 minutes                                                    £20.00

                                                        60 minutes                                                    £30.00


Our soothing and nourishing foot balm is massaged into your feet whilst our 100% natural and organic nail oil works its magic into your nails. Finish off with a colour of your choice and enjoy recognising your feet! Your specialist therapist will provide expert advice on how best to look after your feet and nails. 




If you have anything medical that could prevent you from having your treatment, please give us a call prior to your appointment. If you do turn up and we have not been notified, this could forfeit your treatment.

**Please note: If you have booked someone in as a gift, you must notify them that they must be here 10 minutes beforehand to fill out a consultation card.**

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