Body Treatments 

ESPA Experts combine traditional holistic therapies with modern day techniques and the purest natural ingredients to create truly unique treatments that deliver beautiful skin and a renewed sense of inner calm.

Salt & Oil Scrub  - 25 minutes                                                                               £30.00
This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and supple. Perfect as a stand-alone treatment, or in preparation for an ESPA Massage. For a lighter application, Exfoliating Body Polish is applied instead of Salt & Oil Scrub.


ESPA Body Wrap  - 55 minutes                                                                               £55.00

This personalised body wrap is a tailor-made experience designed to comfortably raise the temperature, nourish the skin and increase the effects and absorption of the wrap. Following skin brushing and exfoliation, Algae or Marine Mud combined with essential oils is blended and applied to meet your specific needs. Skin feels nourished and hydrated and the mind left totally relaxed after a soothing scalp massage.


Choose from the following:


  • De-Stresser

  • Muscle Relaxer

  • Jet-Lag Reviver 

  • Immune Booster 

  • Energiser 

  • Body Toner

  • Detox 

Lift & Firm Hip & Thigh Treatment -  70 minutes                                                       £75.00

Help your body to remove some of those unwanted toxins!

Target cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture with this highly effective, stimulating treatment.


An effective combination of potent marine extracts, iced mitts, deep detoxifying massage and light lymphatic drainage movements achieve instantly visible results. Ideal for people concerned by the appearance of cellulite.


Treatment includes

·       Skin brushing

·       Detoxifying Salt & Oil scrub

·       Iced and warm mitts

·       Detoxifying massage to specific areas

·       Specialised colonic massage techniques




If you have anything medical that could prevent you from having your treatment, please give us a call prior to your appointment. If you do turn up and we have not been notified, this could forfeit your treatment.

**Please note: If you have booked someone in as a gift, you must notify them that they must be here 10 minutes beforehand to fill out a consultation card.**

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